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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Charise

Merry Christmas, our darling Char... Note the angel wings (above) that I was given in appreciation for my volunteer work. Your life has turned into one big service project, so I want to give these wings to you.
Remember the saying "I never said it would be easy... only that it would be worth it." This could never be more true than with our Cole.
I had the opportunity to volunteer at Project Cuddle. This is the organization that takes care of California's abandoned babies. One of their employees, who was LDS, heard about Cole and the fact that he was going to be sent to an institution for severely disabled babies. The doctor said that he wouldn't survive such a place, and the only thing that could save him was being part of a loving family.
Project Cuddle was thrilled to have my help. Their storage room was a disaster and they asked if I would mind helping with part of it.
There had been over 1000 pairs of Pajamas donated to Project Cuddle. The sizes were all mixed up, and the PJs were squished into bags. There were other toys that had been donated tossed into the big pile... and noone had time to organize it.
I folded all of the pajamas, sizes 6 to 14, and put them in boxes or hung them on racks.
They were amazed when they came to check on me, and I had organized all of them. There were twice as many boxes as you see here, when I was finished. It was an honor to work with them.
Thank you Char for teaching us to have the Christmas spirit year round... You are truly an angel! I love you so much! Mom



    Mom - Great use of before and after pictures to show us what wonderful work you did. I am so glad that Carrie's fingers were inspired to choose Charise for you because this was a perfect service project for you to do.

  2. What a perfect service for mom! Organizing! So great!

  3. Ohhhh... I am so blessed. What a beautiful act of service. Thank you, Thank you mom. I am sure they were thrilled, as I am while reading this.
    Mom, you truly caught the spirit of this, and I am honored to be a part of our family acts of service.
    Many,if not most, of their babies are special needs, and what you did helped an amazing organization!
    I love you so much, and you are a fantastic example to me and my children!

  4. When I read this, I started getting teary eyed. It is people like Kriss that make such a love filled organization successful. Thank you for getting Charise such a beautiful gift.

  5. Perfect service! It makes me excited for next year. I'm already trying to come up for more ideas for everyone.

  6. I was going to write and say that maybe we should draw names now so we can do service all year long for that person. But now that I think about it, it has made for a special Christmas Season to just be doing it all Nov/Dec. What are your votes?

  7. I was thinking about the same thing (all year service or just Dec) and I think just the end of the year. Maybe draw names around Halloween so we have 2 full months to serve. It did make this season especially more focused on others.

  8. First off great job Mom. You were just the lady they needed to get that place organized.

    Second I think Ashley's idea of drawing by Halloween is a great idea, that way we have plenty of time to do something bigger if we want but can still look forward to it on Christmas morning.