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Thursday, December 25, 2014

To my awesome, should be PTA president brother....

My sweet, brother, Chuck. You are truly an amazing man, and a wonderful father. If you didn't know, Chuck advocates that a parent should definitely be a part of their child's PTA at their school, and how important it is to be involved with the school and everything. I quote my brother Chuck, "EVERYONE should be involved with their PTA!"

This year, I gained 2 new wonderful daughters, who are in 6th and 3rd grade.  And my 1st daughter of my own, entered kindergarten. This 2014-2015 school year, I decided that in honor of chuck, I was going to help out every opportunity I could get. At Madison and Reagan's back to school night, on the first week of school, I signed up to be assistant Room Mom's, and got on the parent volunteer email list. Now, I haven't been asked to do anything for the 6th grade class yet, probably because they are 6th graders. :) But when they need someone, I'll be there! :)

Brooklyn's kindergarten class looks for a parent volunteer every day. I figured that a "good" amount of family parenting volunteering would be about 1-2 times a month. So I thought, "Great! For my service to my brother, I am going to try and do something at least once a week for daughters' schools." So since the beginning of this school year, every week I have either volunteered in Brooklyn's class or I have watched the 2 younger children of another lady in my ward, so she could go and volunteer in her daughters kindergarten class.

I also signed up and have done every class party for Brooklyn's class so far. We had a great time at the Halloween party, Thanksgiving party, and the Christmas Party, on December 19th. And when I volunteer for the parties, I'm not just a mom who stays in the back, doing quiet things. I have come up to the main room mom, and I ask her personally what she wants me to do. I usually am in charge of the craft station, and read a few holiday books as well. The kids in Brooklyn's class have gotten to know me very well, and most of them remember me. Brooklyn gets so excited and giddy when I come, and I love her excitement in class, and I love seeing what she does in school.

On December 19th, I had quite the day. I started off the day with driving by myself down to Placentia to Reagan's class for her class party. I was there from 8:00-9:30 while they had their party. (3rd graders only have a half day party). Reagan loved having me in her class, and just beamed the whole time I was there. She was so grateful to me, and I could tell how much it meant to her that I was there.  I then jumped in the car, and raced back to Foothill Ranch, and went to Brooklyn's Kindergarten party from 9:40-1:00.  Back to December 19th- Then I went straight from Brooklyn's school back to Placentia and picked up Madison and Reagan from their school at 2:00, and dropped off Christmas presents for their teachers.

I have really enjoyed this year so far of seeing my girls at their school, and helping out in classes. It has been a great service that every week I think of my sweet brother and his zest for being a part of his children's life and school. I smile every time and week that I walk up to Brooklyn's school.

Thank you big brother for being such a wonderful example of what a great parent is. You are amazing, and your girls love you so much. And I hope my girls love me as much as your girls love you. Big brother, YOU and this service, is what has gotten me out there to be with my girls and with them every week at school. Because I could otherwise say "I don't need to do that. I'm going through too much in my life right now." But I'm so grateful that I didn't waste that time away, and I have put my first thoughts away, and have been there for my sweet girls. Love you Chuck, and thank you for being a wonderful example.

And you better believe it... but I'm going to be at Foothill Ranch Elementary's PTA meeting on January 20th!!!!! Look at me! I'm a PTA/room mom! :)


  1. Tiffany I love that you are a PTA mom! It is so fun to get to know my kid's friends while doing things at the school, especially in a kindergarten classroom. A great service for Chuck that will leave a lasting impact for all of your girls because you are showing that you value their time at school and making it a priority. I am so proud of you!

  2. That is so great...I know it means so much to all 4 of your girls.