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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wait...I've seen this movie...

When I received Charise's name I thought, I just had her a couple of years ago.  Actually I had Bill but my thoughts were along the same line.  All of us admire how much you go through with your wonderful kids.  As Dillon grows up, Brighton also grows up.  I have found a non-profit organization in Anchorage that I love!  It is called ARC.  https://thearcofanchorage.org/ "The Arc of Anchorage helps Alaskans who experience intellectual, developmental disabilities, or mental illness achieve lives of dignity and independence as valued members of our community. We offer a full array of services that cover the lifespan of the people we serve. In consultation with our staff, families choose the services that best meet their needs."  They start as young as 12. They also have one in NC http://www.arcnc.org/ 

I was able to get involved in a fundraiser dinner via Alaska Air.  Our station is working on being able to hire some of their "Graduates" to help in our lobby.  Our station also worked with ARC to put on, "Wings for Autism." http://www.thearc.org/wingsforautism  It is a trial flight for people and families with Autism.  Unfortunately, I ended up being out of town for the big day with AJ, but you can see the Alaska Air bag I helped with on the left hand side of the photo.  Alaska was able to "donate" a plane for the 90 min taxi ride.  I love and admire you Char...sooo much!


  1. Interesting group. We will have to check out the NC group.

  2. What a neat program for the trial plane ride. It is amazing the services that are out there.