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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, my sweet sister Mitzi

My gift of service was for my sweet sister Mitzi. Mitzi has always wanted to be a mother. When she was a little girl, she loved her baby dolls. I remember when the "quints" toy came out, she wanted them so bad. She got them, and I know she kept them for a long time. I remember her keeping them in a "Ruby's" car from a kids meal from the restaurant. The last I saw them was in her Las Vegas house. I don't know if she still has them in her possession, but I will always remember Mitzi saying she would love to have quintuplets. 

After Mitzi was married, Mitzi had some infertility issues. We were all so sad and worried for sweet young married woman who had always dreamed about being a mom and that she might not be able to have children of her own. There were years of tears and longing and heartbreak without children. After finding out she had endometriosis, she underwent surgery. After this, all she could do was wait. 
We were so overjoyed and thrilled when she was pregnant with Connor, her miracle baby. I remember being in the hospital when Connor was born. Mom and Dad and I were in the hallway and we could hear the doctor say he was here, and Mitzi crying and sobbing and saying "My boy, my baby boy is here, i finally get to meet you." The 3 of us out in the hallway were sobbing such happy, happy tears. Mitzi had finally done what she dreamed of becoming... a mom. That is what she was made to do. She is a wonderful, loving, and caring mother who does such amazing things for her children. 

This year in honor of Mitzi, I was able to serve those moms (and dads and families) who lost a young child. Every year, on December 6th, at Ryan's cemetery (and cemeteries around the nation), there is an "Angel of Hope" Candlelight Memorial. The morning of the vigil, a young LDS mom (who is my age and lost her 7 month old baby 2 years ago) and is in my stake and in my grief group (I also ran in a10K in January that supports The Ruby Jane Foundation), she set up a service project where we spent the morning cleaning and polishing all the markers in the "children's area", and we finished them off with a flower on each grave. We wanted to make sure every child's grave was in perfect shape for that night. I was going to take both the girls to the service project as well, but Brooklyn came down with the stomach flu the night before. So my mother in law was able to watch the girls while I spent 2 hours at the cemetery with other sweet moms and kids having a wonderful time serving. 

Cleaning the markers and finishing them off with a flower. 

There were such sweet little spirits there in these children who wanted to do something for others. The spirit was so strong with all of us there.

I was so grateful for this opportunity to do my service so close to Ryan's grave and felt like he was there with me cleaning and polishing. Mitzi, I am so glad you are a mother. I am so grateful that your Heavenly Father sent you your wonderful and special children. You were made to be a mother, and you are a wonderful and amazing one. I was so grateful to serve other mothers in hoping to make this special memorial vigil a special day and that they felt like their children were remembered and cared about.

Love you Mitzi, so much, forever and ever.

Love Tiff


  1. Oh my Tiffany! What a wonderful sweet service for the mothers of those children.

  2. I love this! Such a wonderful service to grieving families.

  3. What a special service to be a part of! I am sure it was much appreciated too!

  4. Great post Tiff! It was written beautifully. I appreciate your reminding us of what a miracle Mitzi and Mike's children are. I haven't thought about what a huge blessing this was for years. We are so proud of you and the great woman you have become. Love, Mom and Dad