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Sunday, December 25, 2011

To Dad, Love Wayne

To Dad Love Wayne…(written by Amy)

Wayne asked me to write this because the gift of service that Wayne gave to Dad was my idea.  Wayne also said he doesn’t feel that he is a great writer, but he wrote a couple of letters in the last couple of days that were wonderful.

At the beginning of the year we found out who we had.  He said he didn’t know what to do for Dad, I said, “Let me go to Africa, support me 100% and help me in any way you can.”  He did just that.  When I went to Africa in February, he was wonderful. He didn’t complain ever.  I spent a lot of time before the trip getting everything on the list for Mom and Dad.  He was great!  He took care of the kids and helped me with whatever I needed.

A little side note about Wayne:  When Wayne grew up with his family, Jack and Sandy never took a trip without the kids.  Jack or Sandy never went anywhere on their own.  He felt that going somewhere without everyone was just leaving others out.  After a few years of having our own children Wayne saw how important is was for him and me to get away, just with the 2 of us.  He is still learning the value of me or him going someplace without each other.  This helped a lot.

When I returned home, Wayne could tell what an awesome experience I had.  He could see the fire that was lit inside of me.  He was so cute and could tell what a great experience I had.  He started looking at the church website to see how much it would be for when we go on a mission in the future.

A few months later, I came to him with news that I had the opportunity to go again, this time to be able to take Darcy, Dixie and him too.  I could tell his first reaction was to say, “Are you kiddin’ me?” but he didn’t.  He said, “I will support you and the girls, I don’t think I can leave Dillon and Denim.”  

One entire trip to Africa later, not one word of frustration was ever uttered and with his wife gallivanting around the world without him, not one gripe about the extra responsibilities that fell on him.  He was amazing.  I know this may not seem like a huge thing to everyone, but it was enormous to me!

How this fits in to Dad?  He got to reap the benefits of me coming!  We love you Dad!


  1. So So So So great!!! I love this one. Wayne, you are an awesome man. I love you big brother.

  2. What a great service for Dad, but also for those memories that Darcy and Dixie will have of this trip.