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Friday, December 25, 2009

To Mitzi, Love Amy

Enjoy a night off!

This year my family is doing service projects instead of gift giving.

We are all assigned a sibling and with them in mind, we are to do a service in their name.

I have been assigned my sister Mitzi. She had 3 kids under the age of 3.
She barely gets time to breath let alone date night.
In my sisters, honor, I would like to take your kids for an evening:
Thursday, December 17th
4:00-9:00 pm
Dinner, games, crafts, and movies for the kids

All ages welcome (even babies)

For those of you who don’t know me, we are new to the ward (about 6 months now). We moved from Las Vegas. I have 4 kids, Darcy age 12, Dixie age 10, Dillon age 7, and Denim age 5. I work for Alaska Airlines and unfortunately I work often on Sundays. My husband is the Ward Mission leader and I served in the Primary Presidency for a few months before I got my Sunday work assignment.

Please RSVP so I can make sure I have enough food and activities for your child(ren). Make sure you give me your child’s name and age. I will have my 2 daughters there to help.

Please make sure to pick up your child by 9:00 pm as it is a school night.

What can you do? Temple, Christmas Shopping, Date Night, read the Ensign without being interrupted, take a bubble bath, scrapbook, UFO (Un-Finished Objects), basically anything that is hard to get done with little hands and eyes about.

I sent this out as an email to all the ladies in my ward and handed out flyers one Sunday. I ended up with 13 kids (NOT counting my 4). I had 1 – 7 year old, 1 – 6 year old, 2 – 5 year olds, and 9 – under 5 years old! It was crazy! I was so tired after that night. Now keeping Mitzi in mind, I didn’t want to just watch TV with the kids. I made play dough (from the Bodell Bistro, also thinking of Mit) and the kids played with play dough and they decorated sugar cookies. I made signs that each had a letter of Merry Christmas Mitzi, but you can’t see it too well and it was too hard to get all 13 + my 4 together so we did it in groups. I am so thankful I don’t have 13 kids...Mit you are a great Mom! Love, Amy


  1. what a great service. I am so impressed that so many took you up on the offer. The pictures are great.

  2. Wow! I was thinking 3 extra kids. You really went above and beyond. Thank you so much! I started to tear up as I thought about all the things I would do with 5 hours. Thanks so much! I love you!

  3. I can't imagine watching that many kids. I know that on the nights when Lani is at YW or RS and I get to watch Houston I am always exhausted by the time she gets home, and that is only one kid for 3 hours.

    I want to thank Amy for sharing this great idea (the gift of service) with the rest of us. This has been such an awesome experience and I know everyone here at Mom and Dad's house has talked all day about what an awesome day it has been. So Amy thanks again.

  4. Amy, great Grandpa and I are sitting hear going over the blogs again and want to tell you how much we enjoed them. Grandpa just said "i don't think I have ever enjoyed opening presents more that opening the blog presents today". what a marvelous idea and what an insite we got into the personalities os both the server and the servie.This has been a most wonderful day because of it.THANK YOU

  5. HOLY SHMOLY! What a rockin' party. I mean, you even made Play-doh! But question... how did Jack feel about this little fiesta?

    I have to agree with Michael and the crew... major props to Amy for planting this wonderful service seed.

  6. PS to my early post
    Way to lead out with a gret service idea. You can say that you can add your Grandma Gates as part your Service you may now know what she did for a big portion of her life.

  7. Amy, I love your service! You were so creative in what you did and really put your heart into it! Thanks so much for thinking of this wonderful idea for our family also. It brought such a wonderful spirit into our home. Love you all!