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Sunday, December 25, 2011

I want a Lot of Kids......Like Three or Four.

[Editor's note: Through a long story, Bill's wife got mixed up and told him that he was assigned Mitzi McBride, when he was actually assigned Mike McBride this year. As such, please read this with the mindset that a service to a man's wife is just as much service to the man.]

First off, it is so great to have all these cousins. As many of you know, Charise and her siblings were in Utah two weeks ago. I thought it was a great opportunity to watch Mitzi's kids in her absence.

So, the schedule was I got my two boys off to school. Then I took Savannah to someone in the ward. This cleared me up so that I could go to work. At 3:45 I picked up my boys, then picked up Connor and Tara Mei from their bus stop. Depending on the day, we either went to football, Mitzi's house, or my house. I also had Savannah with me at this time.

It was so fun seeing the cousins creating great memories during this time:

Wednesday night, we hung out at my house. After we had dinner, the kids ran around the house and watched some movies. About six o'clock, I had to take Connor and Tara Mei back home. My boys were not very happy about that.

Thursday, after I collected everyone,  I took the boys to football. While Connor and Brighton were playing football, Tara and Cole enjoyed the playground. Connor was going so fast, he was the blur. Then we went back to my house and had more great memories. I kept the kids a little longer this day because Mike was out of town.

We had a friend come pick them up about 8 to go spend the night at their house. Her kids go to the same school so she can get them all off in the morning.

We had our ward party Friday night, and I told Mike that I wanted to take his kids with me. After I picked Connor and Tara Mei up, I brought them back to their house to get them "festive". (Thanks to my wife, this is how my brain thinks now). Then we were off!!

At the party we sung, ate, ran around, and had great laughs. When Mike got back in town he swung by and picked up his kids.


I see you doing so much, for so many, so frequently. I am amazed everyday how you organize your day and take care of your family. Most of all, how well you do it. I am so glad you got to go serve in Utah. Once again, it shows how you always help others. I am honored that I could serve you by helping out with your children. I would not have changed anything except maybe to have more time with them. I am blessed that I could do a little part for your big heart (mine rhymes too Ryan).

Thank you for this great opportunity to experience "a Lot of Kids".

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  1. What a great service Bill. I know that it was a great relief to Mitzi to know that her kids were having so much fun and being cared for while she was gone. I'm sure this was a huge service to Mike too, while his wife was gone.