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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have I Helped Anyone In Need????

Hi Dad,
I love you so much! I am always so thankful for the extra time you put in to teaching us the importance of doing a job "right" the first time. I remember so well, when I was 16 and had come home from a very long day of seminary, high school making posters and then cheering at the football game... I was exhausted!!! I was ready to fall in to bed. I had left that day having done "my dish job" of loading the dishwasher, but I did not do the by hands or clean the sink. I honestly didn't have time. It never occurred to me that after "working so hard all day" that I would be expected to stay up even later and do it before going to bed. I went to bed. And just after falling asleep, you came in and woke me up and asked me to come in to the kitchen. You let me me know very sternly that I was expected to do my job 100% before I went to bed each day. I told you that the food was dried on and wouldn't come off without soaking overnight. You restated that under no circumstances was I to return to bed without finishing the job. I remember crying and thinking that you had no clue how tired I was. You filled the sink with HOT HOT HOT water and told me to get to work.

This experience had a profound impact on my life. I remember it constantly!!! (Almost daily!) As I stood there crying and murmuring about how unfair it all was, I remember thinking....
#1. My dad has to get up at 5:00 in the morning to go to work.
#2. My dad often does not get home until after dinner.
#3. My dad is ALWAYS the last person to leave a church activity, even though he is never on the committee because he is the last person cleaning and mopping the floor. That's not his job, but it doesn't stop our family from always being the last ones to leave the building.
#4. I am a spoiled brat with some serious entitlement issues.

All you were asking of me was to do the one job I was given that day to the best of my ability. That's it. The Best I Could.

This year I have tried to do every job to the best of my ability.
In August I was asked if I could possibly take on coordinating a special project of feeding 6 homeless families 3 times a year. I was feeling very busy.... but immediately thought of you and the church service thing... and I replied, "yes, I'd love to."

I have tried to make it a really special experience for my family to learn the lesson of service. I have worked hard to make certain the meals were healthy and looked "special" so that the families felt that they were being given a wonderful dining experience.... not just "food".

My first event was in August, and then we did another dinner tonight. (December 4) I get to do it again in May. It is an onging thing, so my gift will keep me trying to make you proud for a few years!

I love you daddy and I am so honored to be your daughter. I know you love me and that is the reason you woke me up all those years ago to teach me such a special lesson!


  1. So great Char. Sad I missed out. Hopefully I'll be there next time. Looks like a beautiful meal I am sure they loved!

  2. Way to go making the meal beautiful. That lesson from your dad is instilled in Chuck too and he always stays to be the last to leave a church activity in order to help clean.

  3. Thanks for telling us the dishes story. ..i will be showing it to my kids...i am not a wacko parent, i was just raised that way ;)

  4. Awesome service Char. Thanks for sharing that lesson from your dad. It's amazing the impact those little lessons have on us in our lives. I'm also impressed that you were able to have those impressions as a teenager and recognize your mistakes. Very cool.