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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Smarty Pants...

I have often said that Chuck is the smartest person I know in real life, but I am still AMAZED at how smart his children are. Leland understanding concepts far beyond her grade level.
 Lucy reading before many kids are potty trained! I love these pictures of her...

Charley writing her name before others her age can even recognize their letters. These are some really smart kids!
 And you KNOW Eddie is gonna be a genius~

To be honest, I am pretty sure Chuck's inspired choice in a spouse is a big part of the credit for his children's brilliance.... Ashley (whoo hoo!!!) is patient and works with her children daily on learning and understanding new concepts. Although I really try to be patient during the Johnson family homework hours, I often find myself being less than a perfect example. I am trying though!

So for my gift of service this year, I coordinated with both of my boys teachers. Once a week, every Monday morning, I go in to each of their classrooms and work with a group of kids on literacy. I never work with my own sons. This isn't about them. This is a chance I have to read with 5 children in each of their classes who don't have anyone to read with them at home. We work on understanding concepts that are totally new to these children. I have loved getting to be a teacher, in a small way. I have really learned how huge a difference it makes when a parent reads with a child at home. I am so thankful that Bill made this a priority early on for our kids.

Chuck, I know this isn't huge. It isn't life changing, but it is a small and simple thing that I have enjoyed so much. Thank you for being a true example of raising smart, intelligent children. I love you so much, and I am so proud of the fantastic father you are.

By the way, if you want to see a hilarious video clip, this is Chuck's oldest two daughters on the last day of school, sobbing because summer vacation had arrived and it meant no more school or homework! I love it!!! click here!


  1. Great service! I remember you mentioning going to the school to read to kids and thought it was so great. It is so fun volunteering in the classroom.

  2. Great job Char! I'm sure you are an awesome animated reader hat I'm sure the kids love

  3. this is so wonderful Charise! I know how hard it can be to volunteer in the classroom, so way to go!

  4. p.s. I know this is a Gates family blog, and I don't want to intrude my thoughts, but is it necessary to prove I'm not a robot on every comment? If you are taking a vote, I'd vote to get rid of the robot checker. :)

  5. Thank you Char for such a wonderful service. I love to hear your story of getting involved in your kids' classrooms. I love you!

  6. so true..so sweet...so funny video!