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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To Char, With Love From Mitzi

To Charise From Mitzi

La, la, la long long long long long long! My hair was way long! I was really enjoying it being so long. It was the longest it had ever been in my life. When I heard that I had Char, for Christmas this year, I knew it had to go! I found out I had Char in the middle of the “breast cancer scare.” I knew that I needed to cut my hair and give it to Char. So Char, I haven’t donated it...It is here under my tree waiting for you to pick it up today in case you need a wig someday. You can choose to donate it if you feel secure with your hair.

Then in August we went on the cruise to Alaska. They had a 5K on the ship called “On Deck for the Cure.” Now even though we had found out at this point that Char was clear for now, I know this is something that will always be watching. So I decided to walk for the cure. Carrie and Mom joined me. It ended up being lots of fun. Char came and joined us for the last lap. She even said, “if on of you has me, you can use this as your service.” Um YA!!! You betcha!!

Char I am glad you don’t have cancer, and still have boobs and still have your hair. I am so glad you live here by me so we can share our daily wo’s together. I love you big sister. Merry Christmas!



  1. Ummmmm, Yeah! I can't believe you had me! That is so AWESOME!!! I love you so much, and your hair looks FANTASTIC right now! Thank you for donating your gorgeous hair on my behalf! This is such a fun gift!!! You did not even mention it, but when I had all those doctor appointments you were so wonderful to watch my kids for me so that I could go to the doctors and tests "stress free". Thank you my sweet little sister!

  2. Donating hair is such a great service. Leland is growing her hair out right now she says so that she can donate it. She has me measure it all the time to see if it's long enough yet. She still has a while to go.

  3. I was a little grossed out that you had kept "the rat" and it was under your Christmas tree... Glad to know it was for a reason and a good cause! Btw, it is a beautiful rat now that I know it isn't one. :)