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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To Bill From Ryan via Darcy

     Hey everyone Darcy here. so in September the week after Ryan's passing Carrie Collins  texted me and asked if I would do Ryan's for him, and he had Bill. So the first thing I did was call Tiff and see if he had done anything and if so what and if he had anything in mind. He did not but he usually does his the week before Christmas. So I did my research and looked at what people had done for bill in the past and then I also looked at what Ryan had done for people in the past. Bills were all very different. I was very concerned when I got bill because all of his big attributes (construction and roller skating) had all ready been done so I thought to myself what is something special about bill?

     One thing that popped into my mind that I didn't know before this summer was that Bill was a convert to the Church and he wasn't able to serve a mission because he was just barely too old. So how do you serve missionaries? They serve others, and asking them what they need/want for Christmas is not how you do it because all you get for an answer is "haha I don't know". Or "what do you mean?" Those were not the answers you want so when I went to Africa and brought packages for the missionaries they consisted of gum, toothpaste, and shoes or socks. So I made announcements during seminary, young women's, mutual, and any other opportunity (Facebook). Asking for LDS games, socks and gum.

     I made little packages to send to the missionaries in Ryan's ward, Bill's ward, and my ward. Or stockings :)

Sorry it is upside down but there is socks (or stockings ) with a few of their treaties in them.

I love you Bill! And so does our Ryan up above! You two are amazing uncles!

P.S. The cousins my age have a blog that you might of read about in my mom's post! Read that one to if you have time.


  1. This is so great Darcy! What a great idea.

  2. What a wonderful idea Darcy! Those missionaries can't get enough love and support, that's for sure. love you!

  3. So cute Darcy! I love the idea of church sock stocking for missionaries. So gla dCarrie is always taking care of us and thought to call you! Fun to have you be a part of it this year!

  4. We are sooooo impressed! We are proud of you... you are growing up so fast! Please slow down so we can catch a glimpse of you before you are toooooo old. Love Grammy and Papa