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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We can all be a fan of our fellow Brothers and Sisters

When I received my name, at first I didn't know what to do. It took me quite a while to ponder and get some good ideas. Then like most of us, I put it on the back burner and would get back to it later. Throughout the year I kept thinking about what to do. I didn't want to do something that someone else could do. I also wanted it to be over the top. Like most family members, there was a demographics challenge as well. Well, toward the end of summer I started to get some really good ideas. Yes!!!!!! This is it. This is perfect.Why did I not think of this before.
Then, three months, two weeks, two days, and fourteen hours ago........I was back to square one. Our family encountered a spiritual event and I was baffled once more. What could I possibly do for Tiffany now? So with everyone trying to keep their routine on track and going to go support our baby sister, I kept watching to see what it was that I could do. I then realized that she was ok. She had uncles and aunts, friends, brothers and sisters, mom and dad all around her taking care of everything. There were errands, chores, packing, shopping, painting, babysitting, plus a multitude of other services that I was not even aware of. So that is it. I found my service. I want to give just a tiny fraction of what we gave our beautiful sister to another sister that hasn't been as fortunate.
I contacted my Bishop and explained to him what our family does and what I was looking for. After a week of research, he came back and gave me three names of sisters that were single or had husbands deployed. I picked one of the names and sent her a link to our blog. I explained how our service worked and told her I wanted to include her in our family in honor of our loving sister Tiffany. She was so excited and gave me my service. She has been wanting a ceiling fan in her youngest daughters room for quite a while. She asked if this was something that I do.......Let me think......uh.............YEAH!!!! So this was a couple of weeks ago. She didn't want anything done until after the holidays, but was very thankful for the love of her fellow brother in Christ.
Tiffany....I love you soooooo much. You have two darling girls that are adorable. I have great memories with your family when I first started dating Charise. I remember when you got your license. I had a blast DJ'g your 16th birthday party. I was also there to hug you when you got into the car accident after the movie on Christmas day. It seems like yesterday when I looked into your innocent face. Today I see your face in the same light. But I see an innocence of Heavenly Fathers love. He is with you. We are sent to Earth to be tested and tried. We are given the strength to handle anything crossing our path. With our testimony and our family, we can get through anything. It may not seem like it, but when we are least expecting it.......there is always someone that can put up our ceiling fan.  


  1. Great job Bill! Way to go above and beyond! I love that you went out of your way to find a good recipient in need. Great job

  2. Good job Bill... Good luck in hanging the ceiling fan... what a fun idea and tribute to our Tiff. Love, Mom & Dad