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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Let Your Light Shine...

...or put up some Christmas lights for someone to shine for you!!!  This year I had the unique opportunity to do some direct service my recipient.  With Ed being really busy with all his recent Pei Wei jobs I knew that he would not want to or wouldn't have time to put up the Christmas lights on the house or the Christmas tree.  I knew if I was that busy I would really appreciate this service.  So I worked with Kriss to purchase some new Christmas lights for the outside as we were unable to find the old ones.  I had to conquer a little bit of fear of heights as I climbed to the tippy top of the roof and leaned over the edge to put up some of the lights higher up.  I put up the Lights outside and when they got their Christmas Tree I helped dress it with garland and lights. Marry Christmas Ed!

The Gates house was one of the first to have their lights up and boy do they look great!


  1. I love this one! Ryan, what a great idea! I know how thrilled dad must have been not to have to do those lights, and still bot be the neighborhood scrooge! Great idea!

  2. Putting up Christmas lights is so time consuming and a great service to do for others, especially since two of us did it as our service this year. Great job Ryan!

  3. No serious, who's house is that? ... It looks so different without the tree! Great job Ryan. Yeah, with dad being so busy I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened without you putting them up AND making them buy them too!