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Saturday, December 25, 2010

To Hock From Ashley

Last year Hock did a great job choosing a service for me. I was excited to have him this year. A few things came to mind over the few months that I knew I would be serving Hock for Christmas.

We stopped by the Little League Museum on our way to New York in November, but since it was closed, we could not go inside. What service could I really do there anyway? But, I still wanted to take a picture, so Hock knew I was thinking about him.
Little League Baseball Museum - Williamsport, PA

I cheered for the San Francisco Giants (and even wore a Giants hat) during the World Series. I was so excited for the Hocks when they won.
Yelling at the Giants for not catching a fly ball.

I chose to really serve in 2 ways for him.

1) I signed up to be a merit badge counselor for cooking (and 2 other things I can't remember) and I had Chuck sign up, too. I actually thought this would be a great way to serve Michael even before he sent out his list with this as a suggestion. They haven't needed us yet, but I will let you know when they do.

2) I have fed and served the missionaries more often. I am trying to have them over for dinner at least once a month (we used to only feed them about once every 4 months) and have done so the last 2 months. Serving in YW, I rarely get a chance to look at the meal calendar for the missionaries, so I try to offer to feed them dinner whenever I can. On the 2 occasions these last 2 months, it was with less than 24 hours notice that they were at our house eating dinner.

Last week, the sisters missionaries needed a ride home from a P-day activity 20 miles away. They did not want to have to use their miles in order to go, so I packed up my girls and picked them up and brought them home. Since they did not have a dinner appointment that night, I dropped them off at their house at 5:45pm, ran to the grocery store, then they were at our house eating dinner at 6:45pm.
Me, Sis. Jacob, and Sis. Davis
I love the spirit that the missionaries bring into our home. It's wonderful for my girls to see those sisters serving the Lord.

Michael, thanks for being a wonderful example of service to the scouts and to the missionaries. Merry Christmas!


  1. Ash, these are great! The pictures are my favorite... especially sporting the Giants gear. I'm sure Michael would say if your cheering and sporting the Giants gear helped in anyway to win the World Series- that it was the BEST Christmas gift he has ever received! Thanks for love of my sweet hubby.

  2. Ashley, I have to say you look great in Giants orange. Thank you for my service and thank you for thinking of me during the Giants run to the World Series Championship. I think having you on the bandwagon may have been the key that pushed them over the top. I am excited to hear how things go for you as a merit badge counselor. Fun merit badge counselors make a big difference for young scouts.

  3. I had the privilege of watching a Giants game at the Hock Home earlier this year. It was so fun. Hock was totally into the whole, because you are wearing the right shirt and hat combo, that is the reason for the win. It was probably Ashley’s support why the Giants won.

  4. Ok, Ashley gets points for the cutest blog post! How cute is she watching her Giants game in her Giants gear! I love it! Such good service too! :)

  5. Wow that sounded like a busy day of driving 40 miles and whipping up a meal on top of that. Way to be ready in the moment!