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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Bill! Love Tiff

As I opened the email from Carrie this year, and read that I had Bill, I thought to myself, "Oh no, what am I going to do for this man who is constantly serving?!?!" I really had no idea what do. I felt like I could basically do anything helping another person because Bill is always serving others everywhere. When we read mom's post about the babies in Africa going home in blankets and pillow cases, I thought of little baby Brighto, baby Cole, and baby Savannah going home in a towel and a tiny pillow case. I know that if Bill could (which he did), he would do anything to give those 3 wonderful kids a warm, soft blanket to come home in. I know that if he could, he would give every child coming home from that hospital in Africa a blanket!!! So I knew right then, that is how I would be serving my brother! I also served him in 3 different ways. Each way is something that Bill has done over and over again for other people.

1) Serving in the Church and in my Stake
2) Serving the young children in Africa
3) Serving and helping others by teaching them new skills

1) Serving those in Africa by serving in the Stake- I quickly got on my computer and typed up an email to our Relief Society President asking her if there was any money in the budget this year, and time, to quickly put together a humanitarian project within the Stake. After talking and emailing back and forth over a couple of weeks, we have decided that this next year, I will be planning and carrying out a Humanitarian Stake Relief Society Night where we will be making more blankets to send over to Africa.

2) Serving those over in Africa- Over Thanksgiving weekend (and the same day that all the people in Utah were doing their blankets at Aunt Jimae's house), I shopped, bought, cut, ironed, and sewed 10 blankets!

Here we are shopping for the fabric. Brooklyn was a big help also!

Ironing and sewing (thanks mom for the use of your wonderful sewing machine! It is getting a lot of great use!)
Here are the helpers. Uncle Hock (after cutting his fabric) gave them very festive headpieces.... Utah Ute fabric (in honor of the Utes' win that afternoon).

3) Helping others- Hock and I were side by side throughout the entire process of this project. He did an AWESOME job making 5 blankets for the African children! I helped him know how much to cut at the store, taught him how to cut his blankets, how to iron the corners double over, and what to do for the sewing. He did already know a little bit since he took Sewing in high school. He got an award from that class... ask him sometime about it! :)

We had a great time together creating and sewing these beautiful and wonderful blankets. We felt very proud of our work and very happy to be giving these children something they will probably cherish with them forever. Bill, Merry Christmas. You are always a wonderful example to me of serving others. Thank you for always being there for my little family, my whole family, and for anyone else who needs a helping hand. You are an amazing man! Love you big brother!

Love Tiff


  1. This really was a fun day- despite me vomiting and such throughout the day! I was so proud of you two working so hard together! If you don't know what Michael had to do with this, see http://hockfamilyservice.blogspot.com/2010/12/merry-christmas-to-meg-from-michael.html.

    Good work Tiff and thanks for helping Michael while I was so sick!

  2. I love making baby blankets. Great job!

  3. I had a great time making those blankets with you Tiff. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed sewing. Thanks for teaching me a new skill, and for being my navigator around Michael's Craft Store.

  4. I love the blanket tree photo...any chance we can make it our new background on this service blog.

  5. We love you all so much. These are 10 little blankets that will snuggle around 10 little bodies and really make a difference!

  6. Mike and Tiff did such a great job and it was so fun to be with them while they were servine. Great job babe, I know those little ones are going to enjoy these blankets made with LOVE!