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Thursday, December 25, 2014

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

This year my recipient is Amy.  It was pretty easy to think of all the amazing things Amy does in her life.  Trying to help like Amy was harder.  She works HARD!!  Man!  Even thinking about her exhausts me!  She is such a loving mother, hardworking employee and caring boss.  She tries to make work fun!  She is so darling to her employees.  So I decided to do something for the Airline employees too!  

First of all, I bought and made some treaties!  I bought the unopened donuts b/c Mike said the employees may not trust a crazy lady bringing treats.

I had some volunteer helpers:

This morning we went to the airport and went caroling to the 6 ticket counters.  We also stopped and handed candy to some other Employees and security guards along the way.  One group of ladies said "well, where is our song?"  So we sang them a song too.

 To channel our inner Amy of Christmas Past and her KAM directing days, we even did ACTIONS!!  The toy shop door is locked up tight!

Everyone was so cute and gracious to us.  I told them that my brother in law worked for US Air if they wanted to see if the treats were safe to eat.  I had a lady at one counter thank me profusely.  She said that it had already been a really crappy day.  I guess their flight from London was really late and it made for a horrible morning.  She said "thanks so much for being a bright spot in our day today! you really made our day!"

The kids got RDU pencils, Jet Blue Wings and a little reward Lindor truffle.

 It was all fun and games until someone got hurt!

Thank you so much my little elves for helping me!  I think it turned out so much better then if I had been alone!  I'm so sorry Hocks that it lead to you going to the ER.  I'm glad you got a little one on one time with Bear.

 I love you Amy!  You are an amazing person with so many talents and wonderful attributes!  Keep up the good work!


  1. So cute!! Glad we could be a part of this! Love you.

  2. What a fun idea! I'm sure you brought so much Christmas joy.

  3. I love it, i love it, i love it! What you said about me made me feel so good. I will most likely not ever be a primary president like you are, so thanks for being such a great one. I am sure that made a huge difference to yhe travelers and employees.