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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The gift of warmth and hugs and missionary service

I was excited that we got an early start this year with the Christmas service! I really enjoyed my service of making quilts for African babies for Bill last year, so when I found out I had mom, I decided to do that again, but to a bigger extent!

As soon as we found out, I contacted our Stake Relief Society President. Long story short, we were going to do this huge countywide event with all different denominations, but it ended up getting cancelled.

I did NOT let that deter me! I then continued on to my ward Relief Society Enrichment Meeting Committee and proposed that we make blankets to send to Africa.

I prepared months in advance, making sure to do lots of advertising and send out lots of reminder and save the date emails. I even made a cute invitation (which I can't find on my comptuer right now, dang it and sorry!) which invited the sisters to join us in a night of making blankets to keep little babies warm. I had sign up sheets for sisters to bring sewing machines, sergers, rotary cutters, and rotary mats.

I was a little nervous how long it was going to take because we didn't have many people sign up for sergers. I was afraid it would take a very long time. So I prepared myself for the worst.

Well, June 16th arrived... the day of the meeting! And to my surprise, we had SO MANY PEOPLE there!!!! I had so many people there I ran out of jobs! And I had ladies in my ward who brought friends who were non-members and they wanted to come and help out because of what we were doing!

I was so touched by all of these wonderful ladies who made such a great effort! We ended up with 3 sergers and 7 sewing machines! We had over 30 women there! We were done making our blankets in about 30-35 minutes!!!

In addition to making blankets, we told people that they could donate any unwanted and extra blankets.

One of the 4 tables. The lady in the front right is a non-member who wanted
to help after hearing from her friend what we were doing.

2 cute ladies in my ward who speak barely any english, but they adore
Brooklyn. They are such sweet ladies with such sweet spirits!

Another table of hard workers.

The end result!!!!!!!

In the end, we made OVER 75 BLANKETS TO SEND TO AFRICA!!!!!! I was so happy and so thrilled everything had turned out great! Amy then picked them up and took them with her to Africa when she went the 2nd time, so we didn't have to pay for shipping or customs or anything! Thank you Amy!

To my sweet Mother ~ Thank you are always being an example to me. You have taught me all I know in this life and have taught me the things I need to know for the next life. Thank you for serving our Lord for 18 months and doing his will and teaching the Gospel. I love you so much, and I hope you enjoyed recieving and giving out all these wonderful blankets. I can't wait to see you in a week. Love you.

Love, Tiff


  1. Wow!!! What if someday I get a baby because of your sweet service! Can you imagine???

    We love you so much Titi!

  2. What a fabulous job you did organizing all those women making the baby blankets. I know that they will bless many lives, not only those babies, but also those sweet mothers that will get to wrap and cuddle their babies in the blankets.