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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fridays for Ryan

I love my little brother Ryan. There are lots of things about Ryan that are amazing. One is that he is a great father. He adores his little girls and he is so cute when he takes them to Disneyland to play. I have always loved how he spends his day off from work playing with his girls.

Another thing that Ryan has always been my example of is truly making other people feel important. For years, when Ryan was in High School I saw him interact with his friends. He always had so many people around him because he knows how to make others feel warm and welcome. He brought out the light in my little sister every time he was around. He is amazing!

For my service to Ryan, I wanted to "play with my kids" better. Especially Cole. Cole LOVES it when you spend time on him, making him feel special. He thrives on being the center of the action, the focus of a conversation. He has really been struggling with "self worth" and happiness this year. So my goal for my gift of service for Ryan was to be a friend to my child like Ryan is with Brooklyn.

I explained my concerns and ideas with Cole's teacher and asked if I could come in to her class on a weekly basis, and help with anything she needed. She was delighted. I go in every Friday morning for an hour. I read to the students, I grade all the homework, and I do interactive activities with the kids. But mostly, I get to help Cole feel special. I try to look out for the students who might need extra love or attention that day also. It has been a really neat experience. I have gotten to know lots of the special kids in Cole's class, and I have been able to help Cole get to feel important.

The other extra effort I really wanted to make on Ryan's behalf was the awesome interactive computer scavenger hunt experience at Disney World. #1 Disney... Totally Ryan! #2 Computer... Totally Ryan!! #3 Spending time making my son feel like he is number 1... Totally Ryan!!! So on our last day at Disney World, I spent 4 hours with just Cole and I playing the Agent P Adventure Game. It was Cole's favorite part of the trip and I must say, it was my favorite part also. What a great experience it was. I totally kept thinking, "Man, Ryan would totally LOVE this! I REALLY wish he was here."

Ryan, you are wonderful and I love you. I want to be like you in so many ways. You have a determination so see things through that is such an example to me. I am really proud of you little brother!

Sorry, my pictures on on my camera that I can't find. I will update it as soon as I find Cole and my cute pictures!


  1. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent Ryan to our family!

    It is terrific that Ryan's love for his girls led Char to get engaged in Cole's school class. Not only is that serving her son, but it is serving her community. Fantastic job Char!

  2. It means so much to those kids when a parent comes to volunteer in the classroom. I am sure that you not only made Cole feel important, but also some of the other kids in his class too.

  3. Very cute Char! Way to be so inspirational Ryan :)