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Friday, December 25, 2009

Ssshhhhhhhhhhh..........I'm reading.

O.K. So after thinking about what my pick loves to do, I came up with a few choices. Then I chose the one that best describes this persons hobby (in my opinion). I went down to the library to volunteer for anything that they had going on. I talked to a few people, and the way that they have it set up, I had to fill out a form and they would call me when they needed help. So I didn't quite do the service yet, however, I am standing in line to help with what I can. It is always fun to sit down in a comfy chair with a good book and read for a few hours. The person that I had was .................. Baby "B."

The other idea I had was to give some books to someone that needed then, but didn't necessarily have a means to get them. Charise and I discussed this and how we were going to execute this idea. After a few conversations, we came up with a subject and a plan. I have picked out 10 of our families kids books to give to Brooklyn. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as we have.

This project was great. It really makes you step back and notice that the world can revolve around a spiritual value and not a monetary value.



  1. Bill, thanks for the gift. I have been reading quite a bit up here in the arctic winter. I hope that, like Wayne, you spent several hours just thinking about me there in the library! Looking forward to seeing you guys next week. We received an IMAX DVD collection from my parents. One of the DVDs included was a NASCAR DVD. I imagine that has to be pretty cool.

  2. So great! Tiff wanted those books so bad for her cute baby! Way to go Bill in honor of Mike

  3. Chuck cracked up at your picture. Giving books to a family with a new baby is a great gift! Even better to give to your niece.

    To be honest, it took me a while, mostly by process of elimination, to figure who this service was in honor of. Mike does read a lot. I am always so impressed with his bedtime story reading to the kids.

  4. Bill this is a great idea for Mike. After all he does have a chair set aside as his reading chair, which guests are prohibited from sitting in.

  5. Nice Bill, I think we all need to read more.this a great example for us to follow. Thank you for Taking care of my Char. you both do a great job with the kids.

  6. Obviously my husband is a bit obsessed, and a tad jealous, of Mike's reading chair. Good idea to use Mike's love of reading in your service Billy!

  7. Thanks Bill for my wonderful books! We only had 2 books before this and so we were definitly needing some! Thank you so much for them all and I can't wait to read them to my baby girl!

  8. Yeahhh! I can't wait for the library to call Bill and have him go work for a few hours in the library.... It will be so good for him!
    Michael McBride always called Brighton Baby B so our kids have always called him Uncle Baby B.