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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Dancing Toes Christmas to Lani!

Lani had mentioned that she often times would visit the senior center across from the church on Lake Dr. to dance with the elderly. Tiffany accompanied me as I went to the Senior Center to serve in a several ways, a few of which were unknown to us before we got there.

As soon as we showed up they flocked to us to see our adorable baby. She was really cute with them and every face brightened up when they saw her. Even people who couldn't speak English very good or at all wanted to come see her and talk to us.

The live senior band was playing and the dance floor was hoppin. I was so far out of my comfort zone that it took me a little while to ask someone to dance. I started talking to a lady next to me and she was very nice so I asked her to dance. She said that her husband that had passed away didn't really like to dance so she didn't really know how. I told her that I didn't really know how either so let's just go have some fun shuffling our feet around. I finally convinced her so we headed out to the middle of the dance floor. While we were dancing I asked her if she came out to those dances often. She responded in the affirmative but also mentioned that she had never actually danced and that this was her first time. I continued to ask those that were left on the side when most of the men had already chosen a partner. It ended up being very fun and I even got a little rumba lesson.

Through out the dance one lady came over to us several times to see our little girl and talk to us. she also gave us some delicious wafers. After talking to her for a little while she mentioned that she was from Brazil! I started to talk to her in Portuguese (of course) and she was blown away. She was so excited to talk to me. We talked about my time in Brazil, Brazilian music and Brazilian food. This led us to exchanging phone numbers so that she can invite us over for a Brazilian meal. She was such a nice lady and this was a wonderful encounter.

I am so excited that we were able to do these acts of service not only to serve each other but it really brought out the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas Lani!!!

They just couldn't resist this cute little face. (I am talking about Brooklyn's just in case you were wondering.)

And she said she couldn't dance.


  1. That is awesome! Carrie's fingers were inspired by this choice, which led to you being the one who could meet the Brazilian woman.

    From the posts I have read thus far, I am feeling like my service was so inadequate. You did so well at stepping out of your comfort zone to do something that would really be special to Lani. I wish I did more, so I am seeking out our YM's President on Sunday to tell him to find me something, anything to do.

  2. Seriously...This is so great! How fun Ryan!

  3. Ryan you look so cute out there dancing with those older ladies. I know my grandmother would have loved to dance with you.

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  5. Ryan I love that you chose something so far outside of your comfort zone. I know it means a lot to Lani that you spent sometime with some senior citizens.

  6. How cute is my husband!??! I wanted to let you all know that Ryan went dancing after the first night that he started working the night shift. So he had worked from 10pm-9am, got home at 9:30am, slept from 9:30-2:00, danced from 2-4, and then came back home and slept until he went to work. He did such a great job. We will let you know how our dinner goes with the Brazilian lady.

  7. I agree with the many who have said this is the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER... but hello... was this not the BEST SERVICE EVER????

    Ryan, this is even BETTER than I had hoped for! I think I even saw one of my favorite old timers from my days! Thank you for doing this and I hope you felt the sweet spirit that I did every week from it.

  8. What a super story! I am so thankful for this neat experience we have all had!
    Great job Ryan!!