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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Amy - 2010 Elder Gates

Well, another year has come for us all to post our Christmas present for whose name we were given. Six months ago I was given the call to serve as a Missionary and I finally landed in a place that has become one great big Service project, so I have decided to a post some of the things where I have done service. Many times, I have thought of the person's whose name I have. She is one of the busiest girls I know... and now I am extremely busy serving. In my mind, I have had thrill getting closer to her and thinking just a lot more in depth of what she is doing and what she has become, as I have dedicated my life to serving others. As I have been involved in doing the many service projects, I have thought many times of how I could fit a project to this person that I am doing my Christmas project for.

I will start with our Helping Hands project with one of our branches. We went to the prision (French for prison) and spent the day cleaning weeds and junk out of what we hope will some day be class rooms for those in prision who want to learn and can attend classes. We also cleaned out all of the cell's which were very small. I was asked by our Branch Pres if I would donate 2 bags of rice and cooking oil for the prision. They don't get much food there. So, Dear Amy... as to my knowledge you haven't been in prison yet, so I tried to figure out a different way to fit this first major project into your life. I decided that it reminded me of what a special little worker you were, and you always cheerfully supported our spring garden weeding and planting.

We have moved every set of our elders since we have been here. This project fits you, because of the trauma you have had in moving so much in the past year or so. I am so very proud of you that you have made it a fun adventure for your family, instead of a burden. Some, or should I say two, of the elders are a great help. Here we are moving this huge piece of furniture in.
I will not get another 2nd floor apartment if I can avoid it. I did not chose this one but spent a lot of time fixing things here. We found a much better apartment for these elders, so 2 weeks ago we moved the furniture "beast" out.

As we worked at the maternity hospital, I thought of your 4 beautiful children that you have and now we realize how blessed we are that you were able to receive them.
The last one that I will mention is how proud I am of you for all your service at church through the years. I decided that this was my main service to you. You have thrown yourself into many church activities, including dinners and major productions. I decided to help make sure that the sisters in our branch, who were called to be the Relief Society Presidency last Sunday, were able to provide dinner for over 200 people the following Saturday, which was Christmas day. I dedicated my Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day, (After our white Christmas baptism) to helping them to their food, prepare it and transport it to the church, because they don't have cars. They would have had to do it all in taxis. We had 17 people plus the food, when we finally drove them to the church.

These are a few photos of what my day went like.
This is cooking chicken African Style. By the way, I baptized this Sister about 3 months ago. She is now the Secretary of our Relief Society.

The reason I have gone into these details is that I know how busy you are... but you are still always trying to help. You would jump on a plane and fly across the country, all night, just to help your sister by transporting kids back across the country... so she could go and enjoy a vacation with her husband. You are one in a million and continually give your time unselfishly. I am so very proud of you and I love you very much for developing that trait.

Love, Dad


  1. Way to go Dad! You are doing such an amazing job there! We are so proud of you. What a special post! Love you.

  2. I love you too. I can’t wait to see you. I am totally crying and touched by your sweet words.

  3. Thank you so much for serving a mission. You guys are so wonderful and are providing miricales to these people. You really are a righteous leader! :)

  4. Also...how cute were your photos of the day. Yes...still crying!

  5. The pictures are awesome! The beast of a dresser hanging over the balcony...the van stuck in the mud...is that man using a machete to cut that chicken???...raw chicken in a laundry basket...unbelievable!

  6. The last comment was from Ashley.

  7. Great job dad! There are so many opportunities to serve out there- every day could count! You are right, Amy is one of the busiest and selfless people I know. Thanks for your post!

  8. What a sweet post dad. I am sure the words you wrote probably meant more then any service you could have done. I love the photo of you changing a tire in the mud in your church clothes! And yuck! That chicken looks nasty! You had such a crazy day! Merry Christmas!