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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Running for many wonderful reasons...

What do you do when you get Mike Mcbride for the Christmas Service? The guy who has such great post write ups, and has that great sense of humor. Talk about the pressure! So Mike McBride, MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Tiff! This year, I decided to follow in my big brother's footsteps and become a runner. I know others in the family started this also this year for David, and I did do it for him also. I had decided to do this for my service for both David and Mike. Back in August I started training and running. I was running 4 days a week, anywhere from 2-5 miles each time, usually about 12-15 miles total a week. I enjoyed it so much, and I am so grateful that I had that time to myself 4 times a week to better myself. I know to some this might seem a pretty selfish service, and I know that it might be, but I decided that myself a healthier person was a good service to others, including my own children and family.

I started off small and did a 5k race on October 20th, (the same day the others were doing their big half marathon on the East Coast). It was a very laid back "Color dash" race where every km you were doused with colored corn starch. This race was a race for "Heart Disease". I ran it under 35 minutes, and I was very proud of myself!
Then 2 weeks later, I ran my 10k on November 3rd! Now, this was the longest I have ever ran in my whole life at one time. 6.2 miles! This race was amazing. When I was looking for races, I looked in Irvine, and this race happened to be going on. It is a race that earned money for an African Orphanage in Kenya. I loved that I was able to support something that is also so close to our family at this time, with mom and dad returning from their mission. I tried to convince Ryan to switch people with me so that I could have dad for my service recipient this year. That was a no go. :)

This race was so special to me. I have written about it already, and some of you might have already seen it. 2 of my best friends ran it with me, and I really could not have done it without them. They pushed me the whole time and kept me going. As I ran my last few hundred feet and then crossed the finish line, I became so emotional. I was so proud of myself. I finished the race in record time! 1:07:45! My personal record. And I really couldn't have done it without these girls. I ran a 5k two weeks ago by myself, and I missed having someone there to do it with. This race was amazing. As I crossed the finish line with these 2 ladies, my eyes welled up with tears as I was so emotional with accomplishing this goal and also with the love I felt for my sweet cousin David. Here is my post write up that was on David's Return With Honor Blog:
My service to David this year is similar to many others. I started running again, but this time, a lot, and for a goal and a cause. I started training for a 10k back in september. I ran a 5 k on October 20th, and then a 10k on November 3rd. I crossed the finish line for the 10k at a time of 1:07. I couldn't belive it! I was training, and was doing 12.5 minute miles. This was 11.5 miles per hour under! I crossed that finish line and tears swelled up in my eyes. I felt so spiritual, so happy, so overwhelmed with happiness. The spirit was so strong in me. I know David was there telling me good job. I enjoyed every second of training and of that race. It was harder than I have ever ran before, but I did it, and I loved it.  I love you David. Thank you for inspiring us all!

This is a picture of the orphanage in Kenya that the proceeds of the race went to. It was taken on December 20th.

Then later that week, on November 8th, Ryan's company was having a 5k. November 8th happened to also be David's birthday. I felt very special to be running for this game company's 5k (and the 5k was to inspire health wellness within the company), a guy who loved computer games, on his birthday. It was another very special run.

My next running goal is to run a half marathon in 2013. I will start training for next starting January and will hopefully do it with Dad before they leave on another mission.

And then lastly, in honor of my big brother Mike, who is a wonderful runner, and is a wonderful member of the church, I will be volunteering to help with the Disneyland Half Marathon on January 17th and January 19th. I saw something about volunteering for the half marathon, and decided that since I choose not to run it (because it was on a Sunday) that I could volunteer to help on the days leading up to it. I will be putting together the runner packets on Thursday and then passing them out on the Saturday. Yay for running! And thank you mike for inspiring me to become a runner and become a healthier person. I love you!


  1. So perfect! Mike has always said he doesn't workout to lose weight or anything, but to stay healthy. Great job tiff.

  2. Awesome Tiff. Proud of you for doing this. And I won't take it as an insult that you wanted to trade me for your dad. When a guy is happy with a cow's butt, he is easy to do service for.

  3. Great job Tiff! I am so proud of you. I want to do one of those "color runs", they seem like a lot of fun.

  4. Well done Tiff! I am exhausted just reading about all that running. Whew!

  5. So proud of you Tiff! Keep it up! Always remember how good it felt and try to stick with it! What a great Mike service... And David :)