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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To Mom From Wayne

This Christmas Season has been a bit different for me.  I really enjoy the days leading up to the actual day of Christmas.  I really love my time at my home.  This year has been a bit different as I came and worked with Dad on and off since Thanksgiving. 

Mom this year my gift to you is my flight time to and from Southern Cal to help Dad.  We could tell that Dad was a bit stressed about his two jobs getting behind.  It may sound I feel a bit selfish because I did get paid, but as this is my favorite time of the year to be home, I was happy to come and help out.

I thought that I was really helping as I was told by a few subs that Eddie was in a better mood but
I don't know if I ended up relieving his stress because on my last day there he got out 2 bowls for cereal and poured OJ in one of them.

This is a photo of where the hit Dads head.  This is the 3rd time that he bloodied his head while I was there.  I can't be everywhere. 

I know it seems that I was helping Dad but I know that Mom is happy when Dad is able to come home at a decent time and enjoy an evening train game to one of your candlelight dinner. 


  1. I can't be everywhere... hilarious! Wayne, you really did a great service this year. I loved reading this!

  2. I know our home is a lot happier when Chuck is less stressed at work and doesn't work late. I'm sure that Mom appreciated so much that you were there to help relieve some of the stress. Chuck has poured OJ on his cereal too before when he is feeling stressed and rushed in morning.

  3. Love this! But I am dying to know what hit Dad's head! Of all the words to leave out. So, let's offer a fill in the blank...

    "This is a photo of where the ________ hit Dads head."

    I'm going with toilet seat. Am I right?

    (By the way, if any of your assistance contributed to the success of the job, which led to our amazing Christmas gift from Mom and Dad, we all owe you a big thank you.)

  4. I hope Wayne gets me or my husband next year if it means it includes a visit from him! And yes, I laughed pretty good picturing Wayne say "I can't be everywhere!" Love it!