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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To Hock - Love Amy

One thing that I love about my brother Hock is how great of a Dad he is.  He is always up for playing with his kids.  I will never forget playing kick ball with him last year at the family reunion (and not just because he knocked his son out of his shoes).

I know that Hock is the kind of guy that will get down on Christmas morning and play with his kids toys.  With that in mind, this year I wanted to do something related to toys.  I chose to help with the "Toy 'n' Joy" program from the Salvation Army.  When people donate toys to the Salvation Army they are sorted and put out for those that are less fortunate to come and "Shop" for their kids.  This may sound simple but think of 1000's of toys.  Someone needs to sort them.  Alaska Airlines is a sponsor of the Salvation Army.  They were asking for volunteers to come and help.  I was on it!

It was a fun experience that had me teared up from the beginning.  We went to the Seahawks Stadium because they needed a space large enough for all the toys.  Trucks kept coming for 4 hours and dropping of huge amounts of toys.  It was so neat.  My job was to tally what was coming in and sort into age and gender groups.  I loved it!

Another note: this year on our employee website they asked if anyone wanted to share a family traditon.  I shared ours and it was chosen as one of the top and featured on our homepage. 

Love you Hock...play on!


  1. Awesome job Amy. That's neat about the family tradition shared on the employee website too.

  2. Cool Amy! I would have loved to see how it was featured. What a creative way to serve Hock, it was perfect! Oh and Amy, we sure missed you guys the day after Thanksgiving for another kickball game...oh yeah... Where Hock laid Houston out AGAIN! :) I love you sweetheart!