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Friday, December 25, 2009

To Chuck From Wayne....

As I contemplated what I would give Chuck as a service project, I recalled that he was in to saving our environment, I thought of that old commercial where the Indian is crying while he looks over the land of pollution and thought of Chuck crying right along the side of the old Indian.

I wanted to make a difference and took upon cleaning up our water systems and saving my nieces Leland, Lucy and Charlotte from playing with “not meant for kids” balloons.

Here I am cleaning up America, one condom at a time.

I cleaned up the water duct from Yale to Jamboree just north of Irvine High. There was a lot more trash than what the photo looks like. I picked up almost 2 bags by the time I got to Culver. I enjoyed doing the project because it gave me time to think about Chuck for a couple of hours and I don’t normally think about him for hours at a time. Love you Brother! PS – Throw your “not meant for kids” balloons in the trash and not our water systems.


  1. That was a terrific service gift for me! As a kid, I used to skateboard in the cement portions of that creek like a giant half pipe.

    Thank you Wayne for your "prophylactic protection" of our environment.

    From Dictionary.com

    1. defending or protecting from disease or infection, as a drug.
    2. preventive or protective.

    3. Medicine/Medical. a prophylactic medicine or measure.
    4. a preventive.
    5. a device, usually a rubber sheath, used to prevent conception or venereal infection; condom.

  2. Loved the picture of Wayne's pure disgust! He should submit for Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs.

  3. those are great pictures and so gross. a great choice of service for chuck.

  4. Nasty!!! Wayne that was hilarious!

  5. That's awesome! But here's my concern... I don't see you wearing any hand protectants. ~Hock

  6. Dirty job but someone has to do it.
    Thank you wayne but I am surprised that with 4 kids you even knew what this was??

  7. Like dad is one to talk with 6 KIDS! :) Wayne, what a great idea! I love how you did it alone so you really could focus on what you were doing and why. Did you find any loose change in the process? Great idea!

  8. Seriously Wayne, how cute are you going out for so many hours alone just picking up trash! And it was perfect for you... only you would find so much joy in finding a used condom!

  9. Oh, and how much do I love the self portrait!!!?