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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To Lani...OPPS! I'm going to blame Primary President Brain!

So I messed up this year!  Now I know why there was the rule that there can not be any specific requests.  Back in January I requested dad.  I had something I was going to do for him that didn't work out.  But in my mind I still had him. Carrie sent me an email in May asking if I had requested someone because she had a name next to mine in her spread sheet.  She said she didn't normally take requests so she thought it was a glich.  I replied back to her that I had requested him.  Once I saw today that two of us posted for Dad, I did a search in my gmail for Carrie Collins Christmas and saw that I have an unread email from Carrie saying that my service recipient was Lani.  Blast!  Somehow I missed that. But if someone is mistakenly going to get 2 people to do service in his name, what a great recipient.

I panicked but then I realized that of all people, if I missed Lani, it was a great miss for many reasons. I know Lani is one that gets much more joy out of doing the service then reading what someone did for her.  But the main reason this one isn't too hard for me to improvise is because I have been thinking a lot about Lani lately while doing service.  When I was called to be Primary President a month ago, I panicked!  But one thing that kept me calm is thinking that I knew I could go to Lani if I needed any council and advice.  There have been a few times in this short period that I have been frustrated wondering what to do.  Then I thought to myself, WWLD?  What would Lani Do?  What would the Lord Do?  I have a whole new respect for the service Lani did as Young Women's president.  And doing it with 3 very young children all at home!  I really don't know how she does it all.  Now she has a job and her boss RAVES about her to me daily.  He says "if only I could have a staff full of Lani's.  If only I could clone her." Somehow she gets everything done. She truly is Wonder Woman! 


  1. That picture is awesome! Wonder Woman Lani!

  2. Dude... I am hot!!! MIT, thank you so much for the kind words. Like I said, that is kind of my favorite part of these is taking the chance to say things we never have time to say. You are an amazing president and I am so proud of you! I know you can do this and will rock at it it. ...and yeah, sorry Joe keeps bugging you but glad to hear he is like having me there ;) thanks for getting me the job ;)

  3. I had no idea about your new calling Mitzi! You are the perfect woman for the job. (and now I will try to stop my grumbling about my new calling as the primary chorister... :) as yours is much harder. Love the thoughts about Lani, she is amazing and I agree with all of what you said.. especially the cloning part. Love you both!