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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The View is Electric!!!!!

When I read that I had Wayne. I immediately thought of volunteering at a fish hatchery because Wayne loves taking Dillon fishing. Then our Christmas plans changed to include traveling to Seattle to visit the Dittbrenners. I was excited, however, I could not figure out if this made it harder or easier for my service. Once we arrived, Charise and I were privileged to spend Christmas at such a beautiful house with a Thomas Kinkaid view. Yes….talk about your WOW factor! Well, after I came back to reality, I still didn’t know what to do for my service project. I looked up a fish hatchery not far from Wayne’s house. They were sort of closed for the winter, but did self tours and didn’t need any help.

I kept trying to invent some ideas during our relaxing days and excellent host and hostess’ tours. I noticed that the outlets didn’t work right. You would put a plug in and it would fall right out. For the first two days, I struggled with plugging things in and realizing that they had no juice. One day it took me about fifteen minutes to get a Christmas decoration to stay on. Then a couple days before Christmas Wayne and I were driving around town and passed a Home Depot…….Hey…….That is it……..OF COURSE!!!! I told Wayne I had to go to Home Depot to get some stuff.

I bought a ten pack of outlets, some tools, light bulbs, and a dimmer switch. When we got back, I told Amy to put blue tape on ten outlets that she wanted fixed. So during the past two days, I fixed the dining room dimmer, replaced some burned out bulbs, installed a door stop on the front door, and replaced the outlets. I am sure you are thinking… I thought this was Wayne’s service project. It is,…Wayne has been busy trying to close a couple of jobs and has not had time to fix them. And like Charise says, I cannot just “relax.” So I was totally stoked to have something to do. It was enjoyable for me to do. I did it in between all the fun stuff that Amy and Charise had planned. Wayne no longer has to worry about fixing them.

So I want to thank you for a great Christmas vacation Wayne. Your house is beautiful and provided a great bedroom view. Thank you for letting me do something fun on my vacation.

Side note; Thank you Tiffany for the very heart felt comments. I know a lot of people that I think deserve that title more than me. But I am definitely flattered that people observe me as offering that much service. I hope I can live up to the title..THE PRESSURE!!!!!

Merry Christmas Wayne


  1. Sorry about the confusion. Charise was logged in when I posted.

  2. What a great service for Wayne. It's always hard to do 'work' on your own house.

  3. What a great idea Bill! You had the chance to be able to BE with your person, and so that is such a great idea to do your service TO him as well as for him!

  4. Thats awesome. I think almost everyone would agree that the things we do for a living are sometimes the things we don't have time to do for ourselves. I bet this was very appriciated.

  5. I came home tonight after working a rare Sunday shift and I noticed a door stop at my front door. It was so nice to not only have things done that I asked for but something that Bill went out of his way to look for something to do. The dimmer switch and door stop wasn’t even something mentioned…just something that Bill did.

  6. You know what I love about this one is that Bill is giving to Wayne (through Amy), the same service that Wayne has always tried to give to Mom.

    For years, Wayne has had a goal of always doing some small project around the house at 8 Alondra every time he stays there. Sure, they are things that Dad could do, but like Ryan says, the things we do at work are often the last things we want to do at home.

    Bill's efforts are so appropriate for this circle of service.

  7. Bill, this is so great! I love that you didn't give up even when it was hard to do your service around the person. What a great gift!

  8. Great job Bill! I hope I get you next year. We have some "house work" that could use some attention. Seriously...sometimes it is the easiest things that don't get done. We have so many light bulbs out (I know the GE Electrical man would be so dissapointed) and the main recessed lights in the kitchen won't stay on b/c the switch is shakey so I cook by 2 of the 3 hanging lamps (b/c the third bulb is out) Great job Bill to see a need.