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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To Char, From Wayne

This year I had Char.

Charise loves Christmas time.  Her favorite thing is "halabloo." 

We have some friends, The Schotts.  They love Christmas but Dan (the Dad) is not too hip on heights.  This year we were visiting during Thanksgiving.  I hung Christmas Lights for them.  I also fixed their lawn mower. 

The photo is still to come, as I had it on my phone but then accidently fell in the ocean last week in Laguna Beach. 

I know Char thinks I am funny, but I can't think of a funny right now...maybe I will think of one and post later.

Merry Christmas Char...Love, Wayne


  1. I think the "I accidentally fell in the ocean last week" sounds like it could be a pretty funny story....

  2. So I read this one aloud when we were together and was laughing pretty hard picturing the "accidental fall in the ocean" when I then read you needed to add something funny I laughed harder because hello, you were already funny!! Love you Wayne!

  3. It's amazing that the Christmas "Man Down" had guts enough to get up on the ladder and do it again... (hang the lights, not to fall off). Good job... love Mom and Dad