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Sunday, December 25, 2011

I just want to bite on their lips!!!

I am in love with my babies... all 18 of them. I remember when Amy first started having babies and people would often ask me if it made me sad that she was younger than me and that I did not have babies yet.... It was the dumbest question ever! I remember the amazing joy of holding each of her babies in my arms and knowing that they were mine, eternally. Families are forever... FAMILIES... FOREVER!!! These precious babies are my family, my nieces and nephews... MINE! MINE! MINE! The family unit is never ending.
(Thank you Auntie Karen Hill for years of cute matching clothes!)

(Thanks Auntie Sue Ward for years of wonderful toys, trinkets and treasures!!!)

As Bill and I have made the decision to move here, the BIGGEST part of our decision was cousins. We craved cousins for our children to play with, sisters to go walking with, Brothers for Billy to work with and enjoy. We miss our West coast family so much. California, Utah, Washington, Nevada... they all seem so far away!

This year, I got to serve Lani. My plan was to do Kids Are Music and incorporate having Houston be a part of it and help him feel confident and important. I thought it would be a fun idea to work with him to catch the true spirit of Kids Are Music. The service, the patriotism, the excitement in serving your community.

He is so wonderful, I can't seem to stop giving him everything he wants!
So I was going to focus on Houston in my service to Lani, but then I was given an opportunity to spend an entire week with her delicious baby girl. It was such a joy and a blessing to be able to snuggle her, hold her, care for her and sleep with her. My little sister Lani was called on to offer a week of service that no one else could possibly do, and there was no way that she could keep her Hadley Bear with her. I felt so blessed to be there and be able to step in to be a one week temporary mommy to our sweet Hadley Addison. Sometimes service doesn't even feel like service, it just feels like fun!

Yes, She is DELICIOUS!!

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  1. That picture of Hootie with the blue cotton candy is just adorable. I also reaped the fun benefits of serving Lani that week with Houston.

    Service is so much FUN!