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Monday, February 13, 2017

letter from brighton

hi Grammy and papa

For this past week I was sick and mom was on a cruise. Mom just recently got back but her voice Is still recovering from all the parting and games. at school on Wednesday or Thursday cause dad still made me go to school we did football in gym but the rest of the week we were doing volley ball and having a volley ball tournament but some of the other teams cheated so we lost. I am working on a really easy merit badge in scouts right now which is really fun and we are going on are monthly campout soon and were going to a dark sky designated area and we will probably have 7 telescopes there. the merit badge is the astronomy merit badge which to get it all I really have to do is show up for both nights and the campout. the merit badge will probably involve me learning some new constellations though and seeing more stars and galaxy's.

 your grandson Brighton Johnson

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